Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CRVP Books Online

I once stumbled on this site, promptly forgot it existed, and now stumbled on it again. So, instead of inevitably forgetting it until the next time I happen to stumble on it, I'll post it here for future reference/use. The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy has a book series titled Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change that is available online. The site describes the aim of this series as follows:
Today there is urgent need to search out human wisdom regarding the nature and dignity of the person, the goal of the transformation of our environment, and the relation of both to the quality of personal and social life.

Such studies must draw deeply upon the cultural and religious heritages of all peoples and develop new and creative modes of cooperation, marked by trust and justice, honest dedication and mutual concern.

The series is composed of 7 sections: Culture and Values, Africa and Islam, Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America, Latin America, Foundations of Moral Education, and International Society for Metaphysics. I don't know the quality of any of the works on this site, but here are a few that caught my eye: So, enjoy and feel free to report back if you've found something interesting and worthwhile.


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