Saturday, January 06, 2007

Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology

I found this a few months ago and then promtly forgot about it before I could get to mentioning it here. The Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Division 24 of the American Psychological Association (APA), has a few journals available from its primary publication, Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology: 21/1, 21/2, 22/1, 22/2, 23/1, 23/2, 24/1, 24/2, and 25/1. Take a particular look at Charles Guignon's Hermeneutics, Authenticity, and the Aims of Psychology, Edwin Gantt's Rationality, Irrationality, and the Ethical: On Saving Psychology from Nihilism, Jack Martin's What Can Theoretical Psychology Do?, and Brent Slife's Taking Practice Seriously: Toward a Relational Ontology. There are, of course, other good papers, but those are the ones that stuck out at me.



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