Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Three Good Dreyfus Works

Recently Hubert Dreyfus published a paper in Philosophical Psychology 20/2 (2007), 247-268, titled "Why Heideggerian AI Failed and How Fixing it Would Require Making it More Heideggerian." It can be found online here. It is an excellent summary of Dreyfus' thinking on this topic that also takes into account more recent work, like Michael Wheeler's Reconstructing the Cognitive World.

Another is an interview for Conversations with History titled Meaning, Relevance, and the Limits of Technology. The text can be found in the previous link and the interview can be found here.

The last is Dreyfus' Presidential Address to the American Philosophical Association, Overcoming the Myth of the Mental: How Philosophers Can Profit from the Phenomenology of Everyday Expertise. This is a good defense of the relevance of phenomenology to modern philosophy. Enjoy!

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