Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Essential Belonging Together of Man and Being

My paper for the International Conference on Persons, titled The Essential Belonging Together of Man and Being, is now available at the Conference webpage. It is a very brief historical look at Heidegger's understanding of being, starting from Being and Time and moving into his later work, with applications to how we understand personhood. Though generally inadequate, as such a short paper must be, I do think it turned out to be a decent paper and it could be seen as a very concise introduction to Heidegger's thought and its development. As always, thoughts, comments, and/or constructive criticisms are welcome.

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Blogger pgepps said...

your link to the coference site is dead. I'd be interested to read the paper, though.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Kevin Winters said...

Email me at metatron99 [att] hotmail [ddott] com. :o)

12:07 PM  

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